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About Sophos

Sophos is a boutique alterations and home sewing company specializing in all things custom. Our passion is finding creative solutions for problems, whether the problem is that your bridesmaid dress is 3 sizes too small for a wedding next weekend, or you have a vintage chair you love but the cushion is splitting at the seams, we have you covered. With extensive experience in bridal and menswear alterations, as well as home textiles and upholstery, Sophos can help you in all aspects of your clothing and home repair needs. 


Services Offered:

bridal & suit alterations

ready-to-wear alterations (including stretch)

home textiles alterations (draperies, cushions, tablecloths)



built-in cushions

custom projects of all shapes/sizes

in-home consultations available by appointment

and many more...

What Makes Us Different?

At Sophos, we take on many projects that fall through the cracks of Chicago’s sewing and alterations offerings. As someone who gets easily intimidated by going into stores outside my comfort zone, my aim is to make alterations and custom sewing more approachable. Bridesmaids dress disaster? Interested in reupholstering a vintage chair? Loose hamster eat your curtains (this actually happened) Send me a photo or bring me your items and I will be happy to give you up-front pricing, yardage requirements, and my professional opinion of the best way to move forward.

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